Welcome to Passionator Paradise

Welcome to Passionator Paradise!
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Experience the Joy of Intensity, Passion, and Intimacy – On Your Terms!

We’ve certainly experienced a powerful sexual revolution. It’s allowed us to be more open and honest about sex. We’re claiming our birthright to great sex, passion, and intimacy, and exploring new boundaries of sensual delight.

Most of our cultural shifts toward sexuality are affirming to many people, but they usually leave you feeling abandoned. No offense, but most people are writing for men and women in their 20s and 30s. You on the other hand, while just as grown and sexy, are 40 or older.

Nobody Wants to Spend the Rest of Their Lives Sensually Starved and Erotically Emaciated

There’s this cultural assumption that sexuality over 40 is boring, bland, tasteless. This is far from the truth. You’re actually going to discover the best years of your life – especially between the sheets – are yet to come!

Your 40s and beyond are a golden period where passion thrives on intimacy and exploration. You’re no longer easily connected to the superficial. (Though pretty eyes and a handsome smile always help.) Overwhelming bravado and tons of money do nothing for you, and you sure don’t want any kind of sugar daddy or sugar baby.

You crave connection – or re-connection – with someone who desires you as you are and wants to experience life with you. Someone who can look into your eyes and channel your yearning into an emotionally intimate experience that fulfills you on multiple levels and triggers ecstatic bliss all around.

You want to get back to passion – and I’m here to help you.

I’m Eden Adele

I help disconnected couples and singles co-create sexy connections with themselves and each other so they can experience the authentic ecstasy and joy of sex, pleasure and intimacy they fear has been lost over the years. In addition to showing you how to:

• Enjoy intense, soul-quaking sex after 40
• Attract authentic, lasting, sensual love
• Feel romantically, emotionally, and intimately fulfilled in your relationship

… I provide powerful insights that spark wildfire in your soul. The key to attracting uninhibited passion comes though cultivating an uninhibited, passionate spirit. Yes, there’s an erotic slant to our discussions, but overall the true goal here is sex and passion as a connective gateway to true intimacy.

Are You Ready for Sheet-Grabbin’ Sex?

If anything I’ve said so far resonates with you, awesome. Stay, explore, and look around. Most importantly, join my exclusive list. I’ll send you a new intimate tip, task, or technique every week. You’ll never be spammed with cheap, copy-and-paste material that’s generic and lifted from the most recent issue of a women’s magazine. I promise to send authentic, delectable material that will keep your love arsenal brimming with creativity – and much, much more exclusive material that I can’t reveal here. (You and I both know I have to leave something to the imagination.)


Eden Adele

P.S. While I never shy away from provocative subjects, I have worked with couples with various levels of conservatism. Your privacy in our interaction is always protected. I look forward to sharing with you. Sign up and let’s see how we can maximize your intensity, passion, and intimacy.