A Passionate Parcel Just for YOU!

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how to fix a relationship

  • Are you feeling intimacy-deprived?
  • Erotically-emaciated?
  • Do you miss your sensu-rotic connection with your mate?
  • Do you want to have eye-rolling, toe-curling, sheet-grabbing, don’t-stop-until-the-neighbors-know-my-full-name sex again?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’re in the right place. YOU can have this back! YOU can do this again! YOU’VE STILL GOT IT! It’s still there. And here’s how to see it so you can live it and love it even better than before!

Reignite Your Romance / Resuscitate Your Relationship is a passionate playbook that you can refer to over and over, anytime you need a romantic reminder, sexy situation, or erotic expression – just scroll through it one more time. Fortunately, there’s no expiration on ecstasy!

Here’s what it contains:

  • Signs your sex life is in need of improvement
  • A fun, simple, 10-question PassionQuotient (“PQ”) assessment to help shine some light on your blind spots
  • Scoring scale so you can see what you fall and what’s best for you to do next
  • An expanded explanation of each question including suggestions for ways to address those issues immediately
  • And saving the best for last, my top 10 flame-thrower sexy things you can do starting TONIGHT to turn love light into an intimate inferno


“OK, Eden, I hear you. What do I do now?”

Glad you asked?

This Passionator Playbook is only $47. That’s right – downloaded and delivered for your perpetual enjoyment and edification for just $47! The only other way it’s available is as part of my webinar 7 Deadly Sins of Relationships (coming soon) for $97.

Just click the red link above and technology will take care of the rest!

So come join the party NOW before the DJ decides to go home! :-)

And please email me your experiences at eden@edenadele.com. I love hearing from you and I do respond personally, so let me know what happens! :-)

Thank you for time, attention, and trust.

Yours in SatisFillment™,



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